Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald really couldn't ignore the calling of radio. His father, Jim Scott, spent 57 years on the air as a morning host, the last 47 years in Cincinnati, Ohio where he earned the Marconi Award for his work on 700 WLW.    Scott got his first pair of headphones from his dad, as well as his love of music, and the approach to life he still follows to this day, essentially asking the question, "How may I help you?"

He grew up on a horse farm in the hills of south eastern Indiana, just outside of the other Queen City, Cincinnati.  He shoveled, hauled, baled, stacked, dumped, loaded, tended, and mended every aspect of the horse farm experience.  His high school was literally surrounded by corn fields, and despite the pleadings of the local chapter of Future Farmers of America, he decided farming was not in his cards.

He also fought the urge/family curse of radio right out of high school, accepting a nomination to the United States Military Academy at West Point.  He thought a serious life in the military was the better alternative to a life of creativity, fun, music and free t-shirts.  He was wrong.  After the novelty of the short haircut wore off, Scott left West Point, got an earring, became a theatre major and ended up in Bloomington, Indiana working at the local CHR station.

Scott has never had a real job.  He just talks.  He talks to strangers in supermarkets, to animals, bad drivers (Scott is an excellent driver) but mostly to himself.  He does, however, ignore the voices in his head.  He thinks modern medicine is a miracle.  He spent time behind the microphone in Dayton and Cincinnati, OH, Louisville, KY, Birmingham, AL and Raleigh, NC.

He graduated from Indiana University, but they are no longer his basketball- school of choice. He has picked up ONE of the North Carolina teams (just a hint: he is sending tuition checks to UNC-Chapel Hill where his daughter attends).

He is still a huge Cincinnati Reds fan, and truly hopes he doesn't get sideways with John Hancock who is a Cardinals fan.  Scott follows the Bengals from the corner of eye, but is tired of the heartbreak that team delivers every year, so he added the Panthers to his love-list.

Scott has worked with community groups and charities everywhere he has lived, including rescue missions for the homeless, Special Olympics and the Alzheimer's Foundation.

He has a passion for our seniors and families dealing with long term care crises, and wants to help lead the discussion about making our world a better place for the most vulnerable members of our community.

Scott is a prolific writer, having completed a novel, two screenplays, many short stories, dozens of parody songs, hundreds of radio bits, and thousands of commercials.  Plus some graffiti.  He plays guitar, reads voraciously and can still touch his toes when he bends over.

He love snakes but is afraid of Indiana Jones.

He hopes to be contacted by aliens in his lifetime.  But only the friendly, non-scientifically-curious-probing types.